Lead Software Engineer: April 2022 - Present
Senior Software Engineer: July 2020 - April 2022
Platform Team Lead with direct reports, responsible for roadmap, planning, strategy, and architectural decisions.
Responsible for Application Performance Monitoring Tracing and Logging strategies with Datadog.
Responsible for Secrets management and automated API key rotation for all publicly available services.
Architectural design for highly available microservices conforming to Infosec requirements.
Enforcing best practices through automated code linting, static code analysis, and code reviews.
Set PagerDuty expectations across the org to improve MTTA/MTTR and accountability for 24/7 coverage.
Prisma Cloud defender integration with automated builds for all compute workloads.
Architected shared Lambda authorizers for regional APIGateways and Lambda@Edge authentication for Cloudfront.
Primary point of contact for Infosec reviews and assessments of corporate applications and vendors.
Multi account AWS infrastructure management and automated deployments to manage drift.
Operating in and deploying resources to all 33 AWS regions, for all accounts, to enable security and monitoring.
Continuous Deployment with AWS Codesuite to automate and empower individuals to build and deploy services.
Designed highly available CMS content publishing and consumption with rotating API keys.
Built load testing infrastructure to simulate high levels of traffic from multiple regions.
Load testing with K6/Artillery to certify service level capabilities and ongoing performance improvements.
Versioning GraphQL APIs in the CMS and deploying breaking changes with zero downtime.
Overall plan and strategy for Data Ingestion Pipeline and ETL processing of metrics and user events.
Data Architecture design and deploy with Snowflake for data warehousing.
Instrumentation of APIs/Services to collect user metrics and diagnostic data to power media consumption reports.
Automated deploys to manage schema change across multiple environments in Snowflake.
Event driven media ingestion pipeline to download and respond to comply with lifecycle events.
Digital Service Provider (DSP) integration with Sony Music via DDEX to support music and video streaming.
Architecture, security, and monitoring of HLS adaptive streaming delivery of licensed media assets.
Scalable automation of video transmuxing using FFmpeg for encrypted and short-token HLS adaptive streaming with Akamai.
Technologies Used: Lambda, ECS, Docker, CloudFormation, ApiGateway, Elasticache, S3, Kinesis Firehose, Python, Java, GraphQL, Datadog, Prisma Cloud, TrendMicro, Automox, Github Actions, CodePipeline, K6