Formal Training

San José State University, San Jose, CA, December 2007

B.S. Degree in Computer Science, Minor in Mathematics


Practical Experience


Software Engineer (01/2019 - Current)

Cornerstone on Demand - Santa Monica, CA

  • Currently working on the Learning Management System team on curriculum versioning.


Senior Full Stack Developer (08/2018 - 01/2019)

Full Stack Developer (08/2017 - 08/2018)

Native Instruments - - Hollywood, CA

  • Worked on January 2018 launch of
  • Worked on i18n of public API to additionally support French, Spanish, and German.
  • Responsible for globalization of Stripe payments for recurring subscriptions in multiple currencies for 3 tiers of products (including VAT calculations).
  • Wrote the download credit system for active paying users, including customer service bonus credit tooling and audit trail for internal stakeholders, and monthly metrics for unused credits.
  • Responsible for Internal BackOffice application with multiple user roles, CRUD tools, reporting, searching, and inventory management used by 60+ employees.
  • Built page curation tools with the ability to schedule the date and time of publish. Built merchandising and retailing tools for custom curation of content.
  • Creation of detailed monthly statements for any revenue generating downloads, according to contractual partner agreement, for all inventory. Statements available via temporary signed CloudFront links for encryption-at-rest file storage in S3.
  • Built API for partner portal to manage inventory, account, and securely access financial statements.
  • System to securely accept, store, and retrieve W9 forms submitted via partner portal. Audit trail and defined read and write roles for different levels of admin access. Encrypted storage with KMS and DynamoDb.
  • Active role growing the teams through hiring decisions, technical interviews and pre-screening of candidates. Mentoring less senior developers.
  • Ongoing refactoring and maintenance of public APIs and documentation for internal developers. Partner API functional tests automated by Postman. PHPUnit testing of BackOffice and async jobs with 80% coverage. Alerts and dashboards in Loggly.
  • Technologies Used: Object Oriented PHP, Git, PHPUnit, CodeIgniter, Javascript, Flyway DataBase Migrations, Composer, PostgreSQL, Redis, S3, DynamoDb, Docker, Algolia, CloudFront, Loggly, BitBucket, CircleCI, SendGrid, Stripe.


Software Engineer III (10/2015 - 05/2017)

Software Engineer II (04/2013 - 09/2015)

SoftLayer, an IBM Company - Dallas, TX and London, England

  • Worked on the Virtualization Development team and responsible for the improvements and stability of our highly distributed automated virtual server provisioning system. This includes everything required to offer a fully automated turn-key solution to customers that require temporary or long-term compute resources.
  • Team based architectural discussions and implementation of new features and improvements to our existing provisioning infrastructure.
  • Rebuilt and improved systems management tools and internal processes without any downtime to customers.
  • Ongoing reporting and analytical analysis to find bottlenecks within our provisioning pipeline that need performance improvements, as well as show the concrete improvement metrics of recent code changes. Successfully improved virtual server provision times by an overage of 15 seconds.
  • Continual bug fixes, refactoring, and writing unit test to increase the overall unit test coverage of our extremely large and active codebase.
  • Worked across departments (Billing, Customer Support, Internal Systems Management, Networking, etc) to alleviate problematic system behavior, provide tools and information for handling emergencies, and add new customer facing features.
  • Documented functionality across departments and onboarding of new employees. Mentored new team members.
  • Provided 24/7 Tier 3 support to customer help tickets and internal teams.
  • Technologies Used: Object Oriented PHP, GIT, PHPUnit, In house MVC/ORM Framework, In-House Database Migration Framework, BASH, Citrix XenServer Virtualization, Splunk Logging and Reporting, In-House Business Process Management Automation, JavaScript, Python


Senior Web Developer (12/2009 - 04/2013)

Web Developer (2/2008 – 11/2009)

Apollo Interactive - Los Angeles, CA and Dallas, TX

  • Lead developer for digital advertising and internet marketing agency specialising in consumer brands and lead generation services. Developed and supported web applications for clients' paid subscribers.
  • Responsible for the server side PHP development, MySQL architectural decisions, and front end JavaScript development for brand marketing, promotional campaigns, and new customer acquisition sites.
  • Solely responsible for the scalability, performance of more than 40 web properties belonging to our largest and most active USA clients: Curves International, Jack in the Box, VisionWorks and Chuck E. Cheese's.
  • Developed Facebook applications (e.g. sweepstakes, email subscription signups), mobile site development and responsive design. Responsible for database performance and all schema decisions, 3rd party API integration and consultation, cooperative projects with clients' IT departments and project specific media teams.
  • Automation of email marketing campaigns and email subscriber onboarding with timed dynamic content. Front end JavaScript development (native JS and jQuery) and CSS to match approved UI mockups and expected interactive behavior.
  • Technologies Used: Object Oriented PHP, RCS, JavaScript, jQuery, BASH, Geolocating APIs, Cron Automation, BlueHornet Automated Marketing Email Subscriptions and Event Triggered Messaging, HTML5 Mobile Sites, HTML5 Video, Cloud and Hardware Servers


Principle Web Developer (1/2007 – 2/2008)

Wiredcat LLC – San Jose, CA

  • Full stack development for a social networking startup that aimed to build better relationships between people and businesses.
  • Responsible for technical launch of business services and site uptime and performance.
  • Responsible for database schema decisions, system architecture for the profile system (i.e. business and personal accounts)
  • Implemented user interface mockups generated by the UI team.
  • Technologies Used: PHP, SVN, JavaScript, jQuery, BASH


Quality Assurance (6/2005 - 12/2006)

Software Engineering Co-Op (1/2005 - 5/2005)

America Online - Mountain View, CA

Project: Aim Express

  • Local and International coordination with Bangalore, India, to certify a web application rebuilt on a new platform. Ensured that the product was ready for general release and that that behavior matched the current user experience.
  • Load test plan developed and personally executed on the first widely used instance of AOL's publicly shared library for AOL Instant Messenger developers (AIMCC).
  • Developed data analysis scripts to compile meaningful charts/reports and presented information to the entire team.
  • Functional testing during the certification phase of our development cycle.
  • Coordination with an International QA team to share test plan responsibilities and certify i18n functionality.

Project: DMN

  • Worked with developers and a team of Quality Assurance engineers to ensure that internal Advertising delivery tools were ready to be used in production.
  • Black box testing of API functional, bug logging, bug verification and client side web UI testing.
  • Performed load/stress tests using Silk Performer and reporting.

Project: Enhanced Favorites

  • Worked with developers to ensure the product was ready to be released as Beta.
  • Performed black box API functional testing, bug logging, bug verification, and client side web UI testing.
  • Systems administration on test environment setup and weekly regression tests.

Project: TopSpeed

  • Hands on work with developers to analyze current HTTP Header compression ratios with expected compression performance.
  • Open source research of dial-up TCP/IP and HTTP header compression technologies to increase the overall speed of dial-up internet access.
  • Text compression analysis and comparisons with live data.
  • Began working to port the TopSpeed software from the Windows platform to the Mac OS X.


Spoken Languages

Intermediate proficiency in Italian, Spanish and Japanese.

Beginner proficiency in French and German.