Senior Full Stack Developer: August 2018 - January 2019
Full Stack Developer: August 2017 - August 2018
Worked on January 2018 launch of
Worked on i18n of public API to additionally support French, Spanish, and German.
Responsible for globalization of Stripe payments for recurring subscriptions in multiple currencies for 3 tiers of products (including VAT calculations).
Wrote the download credit system for active paying users, including customer service bonus credit tooling and audit trail for internal stakeholders, and monthly metrics for unused credits.
Responsible for Internal BackOffice application with multiple user roles, CRUD tools, reporting, searching, and inventory management used by 60+ employees.
Built page curation tools with the ability to schedule the date and time of publish. Built merchandising and retailing tools for custom curation of content. 
Creation of detailed monthly statements for any revenue generating downloads, according to contractual partner agreement, for all inventory. Statements available via temporary signed CloudFront links for encryption-at-rest file storage in S3.
Built API for partner portal to manage inventory, account, and securely access financial statements. 
System to securely accept, store, and retrieve W9 forms submitted via partner portal. Audit trail and defined read and write roles for different levels of admin access. Encrypted storage with KMS and DynamoDb.
Active role growing the teams through hiring decisions, technical interviews and pre-screening of candidates. Mentoring less senior developers.
Ongoing refactoring and maintenance of public APIs and documentation for internal developers. Partner API functional tests automated by Postman. PHPUnit testing of BackOffice and async jobs with 80% coverage. Alerts and dashboards in Loggly.
Technologies Used: Object Oriented PHP, Git, PHPUnit, CodeIgniter, Javascript, Flyway DataBase Migrations, Composer, PostgreSQL, Redis, S3, DynamoDb, Docker, Algolia, CloudFront, Loggly, BitBucket, CircleCI, SendGrid, Stripe.