Software Engineer: January 2019 - February 2020
Worked on the Learning Management System (LMS) Curriculum domain team.
Open Source code contributions to core PubSub library used throughout the company.
Built error handling to ensure the Training Removal Tool was rerunnable and automatically retried; Saved support staff from ~10 cases per month.
Migrated Curriculum Versioning (due to Child Training Versioning) to Event Driven Architecture in AWS to offload processing from Monolith and handle more throughput.
Built Event Driven audit logging system with SNS, SQS, and Lambda (C#).
Lambda lead on our team; Helped team members with event driven concepts, POC, IAM access, naming conventions, and development workflow
Built Event Driven Lambda smoke test strategy to confirm subscription connectivity, throughput (performance baseline), and IAM role permissions.
Built Difference Calculator library for determining the changes between two versions of a curriculum.
Published several nugets within our internal nuget repository for usage in distributed microservices.
Fixed a long standing defect related to Curriculum Child Training Completion Propagation. It affected all clients and spanned many years; Built Customer Support tool to run and export an identification script for a particular client, and then upon approval, repair incorrect client data due to defect.
Optimized API performance, found by, and confirmed enhancements with, Prometheus instrumentation data.
Built Splunk and Grafana dashboards to track errors, identify production errors before clients could escalate, and identify performance bottlenecks.
Strong unit test code coverage for all new functionality.
Optimized critical MS SQL Server stored procedures heavily used in production that were not performing well.
Research on sharding event driven SNS/SQS to fit with our existing data sharding strategies.
Onboarded and committed code changes to a 20+ year old monolithic codebase.
Active participant in Code Reviews and knowledge sharing via presentations, within, and across teams.
Response and resolution to Internal QA and Client support escalations and defects. Processed Client Work Orders to report/repair customer data.
Jquery upgrades to latest version requiring refactoring to ensure existing behavior.
2nd place winner in 2019 company-wide Hackathon.
Database migrations to add fields, indexes and support new features.
Technologies Used: C#, .NET, Nuget, MS SQL Server, On Prem, AWS (IAM, STS, SNS, SQS, S3, Lambda, Xray, CloudWatch Log and Alarms), Prometheus, Grafana, Autofac, Extract Transform Load (ETL), Unit Tests, Integration Tests, Splunk, Team Foundation Server (TFS), Git, Bitbucket, Jenkins, JavaScript.