Senior Web Developer: December 2009 - April 2013
Web Developer: February 2008 - December 2009
Lead developer for digital advertising and internet marketing agency specialising in consumer brands and lead generation services. Developed and supported web applications for clients' paid subscribers.
Responsible for the server side PHP development, MySQL architectural decisions, and front end JavaScript development for brand marketing, promotional campaigns, and new customer acquisition sites.
Solely responsible for the scalability, performance of more than 40 web properties belonging to our largest and most active USA clients: Curves International, Jack in the Box, VisionWorks and Chuck E. Cheese's. 
Developed Facebook applications (e.g. sweepstakes, email subscription signups), mobile site development and responsive design. Responsible for database performance and all schema decisions, 3rd party API integration and consultation, cooperative projects with clients' IT departments and project specific media teams.
Automation of email marketing campaigns and email subscriber onboarding with timed dynamic content. Front end JavaScript development (native JS and jQuery) and CSS to match approved UI mockups and expected interactive behavior. 
Technologies Used: Object Oriented PHP, RCS, JavaScript, jQuery, BASH, Geolocating APIs, Cron Automation, BlueHornet Automated Marketing Email Subscriptions and Event Triggered Messaging, HTML5 Mobile Sites, HTML5 Video, Cloud and Hardware Servers