Quality Assurance: May 2005 - December 2006
Software Engineering Co-Op: January 2005 - May 2005
Project: Aim Express
Local and International coordination with Bangalore, India, to certify a web application rebuilt on a new platform. Ensured that the product was ready for general release and that that behavior matched the current user experience.
Load test plan developed and personally executed on the first widely used instance of AOL's publicly shared library for AOL Instant Messenger developers (AIMCC).
Developed data analysis scripts to compile meaningful charts/reports and presented information to the entire team.
Functional testing during the certification phase of our development cycle.
Coordination with an International QA team to share test plan responsibilities and certify i18n functionality.
Project: DMN
Worked with developers and a team of Quality Assurance engineers to ensure that internal Advertising delivery tools were ready to be used in production.
Black box testing of API functional, bug logging, bug verification and client side web UI testing.
Performed load/stress tests using Silk Performer and reporting.
Project: Enhanced Favorites
Worked with developers to ensure the product was ready to be released as Beta. 
Performed black box API functional testing, bug logging, bug verification, and client side web UI testing. 
Systems administration on test environment setup and weekly regression tests.
Project: TopSpeed
Hands on work with developers to analyze current HTTP Header compression ratios with expected compression performance. 
Open source research of dial-up TCP/IP and HTTP header compression technologies to increase the overall speed of dial-up internet access.
Text compression analysis and comparisons with live data.
Began working to port the TopSpeed software from the Windows platform to the Mac OS X.